Wonderful Wood-Clad Home With Unexpected Features

NYC homes are known for a lot of things, but being generous with space is not one of them. This particular apartment began as a 240-square-foot nook in miserable shape, but after Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman turned it into a paradise of rich blonde woods and unexpected spaces.

The tiny abode consists of a small living area, kitchen, bathroom, and a loft above the kitchen. It was in desperate need of some serious rehab to make it not only more beautiful, but more functional as well.

Seggerman’s plan: to build a new layer of wood onto the apartment, boxing in the interior and giving it a clean, warm, put-together feeling. The entire apartment is an exercise in masterful woodworking.

The highlight of the remodeled apartment is the “library” beside the bed. It is a tiny alcove in the wall, just big enough for one person to sit among the built-in shelves and flip through a favorite tome.

Shockingly, there is even a washing machine in this diminutive domicile. It sits in its own tiny space in the wall, giving the resident a luxury many New Yorkers never experience.


The precision woodwork and thoughtful design of the remodel turned an old, run-down home into a delightful oasis of peace where the resident can be alone with her thoughts…and an awful lot of books.

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