Waste Not: Trash Marble Turned Into 6 Beautiful Home Objects

led lamp

Any type of manufacturing results in waste – sometimes shocking amounts of it. When designers Paolo Ulian and Moreno Ratti decided to see what they could make from “waste” marble tiles, they came up with some exceptional objects.

angular fruit bowl


The 40cm X 40cm square tiles of Carrara marble were discarded but still usable. Using a water jet cutter, the design duo cut the squares into shapes that fit together easily to form elegant objects.


stacked square fruit bowl

The objects include a small LED lamp, two fruit bowls, a clock, and a stool made of stacked marble slices. There is also a vase made from stacked ovals that leaves behind a void in the marble tile which becomes a sort of fruit bowl.

stacked vase and fruit bowl

The project is known as 40 X 40, a reference to the size of the marble tiles used. The designers endeavored to create no waste as they used up these “waste” tiles in their artistic creations.

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