Steampunk Cities: Altered Reality Art & Photography


Composite creations, these surrealistic structures and miniature urban landscapes are made from real photographs. The so-called Habitat Machines and Industrial Parkland series by David Trautrimas appropriate everyday housewares – from pots and pans to faucets and fans – in fantastical Steampunk-esque city-scapes.




In everything from individual buildings to entire neighborhoods, this approach incorporates technologies with which we are naggingly familiar – even when they are not always easy to recognize when first viewing one these curious artworks. As with Steampunk, the art is in the the remix.




As cues to their origins, names are assigned to these projects including: Waffle Iron Heights, Oil Can Residence, Vacuum Tower, Hole Punch Flats, Space Heater Place, Razor Cooperative, Film Projector Factory, The Fishing Complex and The Measurement District.




By shifting the scale and editing the details of this ordinary objects, this artist taps into patterns we recognize from our everyday lives. As such, his work is about bridging the gap between reality and fantasy – the ordinary and extraordinary.

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