Rolling Stone: Portable Prefab Pod House Design


Inspired by gypsy wagons, rolling stones and mobile homes, this mobile living design functions on a great many levels. It is intended to be a self-sufficient housing unit, an open-air studio and even a stage as needed – a kind of hybrid of the best mobile building ideas of the 20th century.


Like a wagon, this capsule home by Nice Architects contains everything one would need to live, including self-contained energy, water and waste systems. Reflective recycled-can surface material blends the pod into its environment while reusing eco-friendly materials as cladding.


Sustainable to the core, rainwater collected on the roof is circulated into the structure for gray water reuse, the toilets compost and top-mounted solar panels and/or a wind turbine create electricity that, in turn, can be used to heat water and space inside of the airstream-esque mobile pod house.


At nearly 300 square feet, each individual unit has closet space, a bed, kitchenette, living area and a bathroom complete with toilet, sink and shower. While best suited to just two people a single one of these portable homes could house up to six people as needed

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