outdoor cinema
Blurring the boundary between inside and outside, this curious space encourages passers by to sit down and take in a show … except the show is playing on the other side of the glass, inside the building.
outdoor installation
For a cultural center in Belgium, Polish designer Pawel Grobelny (images by Michiel de Cleene) created this hybrid space – open yet sheltered, in but out, architecture and perhaps also art installation.
outdoor theater space
Steel-supported timber provides seating, a backrest and roof, while the sides remain open and inviting. In the structure, people can also see the film being displayed, but outsiders are welcomed as well to interact from without.
outdoor interactive
outdoor viewing area

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Thanks to the way the structure cantilevers out from the building, it feels like an outgrowth of the primary structure. Videos are being played 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so people can drop by even when the Cultural Centre Strombeek is closed in the middle of the night to sneak a peak.