Cheap Plastic + Posh Curves = Clever Clothes Hanger Set

designer plastic coat hangers

Plastic coat hangers seem like the last place you would find design innovation – or perhaps second-to-last after the closets we put them in. With a twist (and curve) or two, however, these otherwise ordinary and hidden accessories manage to add an animated element to what may be the most boring interior space in a typical home.

designer white coat hangers

Named Dino by their designer Lincoln Kayiwa for obvious reasons, this series of hangers works precisely with the natural repetition of simple hangers. A simple adjustment in height with each consecutive hanger works to create the overall effect of a subtle spine-like curvature when the set is viewed as a whole.

designer clever coat hangers

Of course, there are endless effects that could be achieved with this system – there is no rule that indicates they have to go in a particular order. Flexible, functional and fun – not bad at all for what individually would be mistaken for another set of cheap white plastic coat hangers.

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