High tech Color Picker Pen by Jin Sun Park

Any artist or designer who works with color knows that the best inspiration and perfect coloration can often be found in real-life objects all around us. What if you could take your trusty drawing pen and simply scan any color you want and then turn around and draw with it seconds later? This innovative color changing pen by Korean designer Jin Sun Park allows you to do just that. What’s the next step? A complete texture selector and replicator? (That would be amazing.)

Draw with any color you can find around you

A color sensor on the top of the pen registers the color of the object you select, which in turn is displayed digitally on the back of the device for verification alongside its RGB code. Red, green and blue inks are then mixed – much like in a traditional printer – to create your desired color on demand.

Color Picker Pen scans colors from real life objects

Of course, such an invention has its limitations: space for ink and batteries are challenges to be sure, but presumably you would only use this periodically and would also transfer the color data in some cases directly to another electronic advice, thus saving ink. But even if it were just a scanning stylus, it’d be handy for high tech art media that already exists, like drawing tablets.

So far, the Color Picker Pen is still just a concept. However, you might be happy to learn that a very similar product has emerged on the market, and you can pre-order it today. The Scribble Pen performs almost exactly the same functions, offering multiple drawing tips and water resistant ink. It charges via micro USB, giving  you 15 hours of nonstop high tech drawing power.

Just wait – it won’t be long before the color scanner pen becomes a household gadget and essential tool for every artist and designer for both real-life and digital applications. Perhaps you’d like a writing robot to go with it?