A German design studio has conceptualized an eco-friendly superyacht that you can buy a digital copy of through an online auction, with bidding starting around just $17,000.

3deluxue's NFT Superyacht VY.01 boasts a luxurious and eco-friendly (albeit digital) design.

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Man walks along the luxurious bedroom deck of 3deluxue's NFT superyacht.

The Super Yacht VY.01, designed by 3Deluxe, is the powerboat of the future, creating no emissions thanks to its hydrogen-fuel cell engines, and providing power to itself through zero-carbon solar panels. The vessel even includes an onboard greenhouse and vegetable garden to allow passengers to be partially self-sustaining in their dietary needs.

Exterior rendering of 3deluxue's NFT Superyacht VY.01

This concept, which was first unveiled at the Monaco Boat Show as an augmented reality experience, is being sold as a non-fungible token on the SuperWorld auction platform. If you’ve found it hard to wrap your brain around the NFT phenomenon (buying a digital certificate of authenticity and ownership of a virtual commodity) in the past, here’s what the purchase of this sleek ship idea entails, according to the SuperWorld site: access to two special renderings exclusive to the owner, an OBJ file of the 3D model of the ship, technical support for integrating the digital yacht in the metaverse along with the original movie file for use in augmented reality worlds, and a complete press release with hi-res images. The owner has full rights to the complete concept design and can also commission the vessel to be constructed in real life.

Nature-infused social lounge onboard 3deluxue's NFT superyacht VY.01

And what is this lightweight ocean craft that will be the envy of all your online friends? The specs are pretty enticing, actually. 3Deluxe, a company specializing in adventuring and luxury sea vehicles, aspired to make this yacht carbon-neutral, starting with the hydrogen-driven fuel cell propulsion systems. The required hydrogen could be refueled in port or produced locally from methanol, a more readily available and easier-to-handle substance. The design studio acknowledges that hydrogen fuel cell and bio-methanol technologies are still emerging and currently expensive but envisions a day when they will be popular enough to be more affordable.

Another environmental benefit of the superyacht’s electric engines is their silence. The boat won’t even produce any noise pollution as it traverses the globe.

Verdant greenhouse garden space onboard 3deluxue's NFT superyacht.

Meanwhile, the interior and decks of the ship draw upon nature for their inspiration. The greenhouse garden produces not only fresh food for guests, but also fresh air thanks to its CO2-loving plants. All the water required for the vegetation on board is harvested from the ocean and put through a seawater desalination system, which is powered by zero-emission solar panels on the roof and side windows. Those photovoltaic panes also create the energy needed for the ship’s air-conditioning and lighting systems.

Included on the ship is a top-level loft space with a kitchen, bar, lounge living space, and the gardens. The master bedroom rests within the greenhouse, featuring an open ceiling to provide spectacular views of the night sky. A saltwater pool sits at the stern, along with a small marina to allow passengers access to the sea on smaller vessels.

Quaint stream runs along the main deck of 3deluxue's NFT superyacht.

The 3Deluxe team is hopeful that their masterful creation will be used by the new owner to educate as well as recreate. “Our aim is to use the project as a communicative platform for discussion of the complex challenges of our time and as an unconventional locale for summits, conferences, and think tanks,” the team says.

And if you feel bad spending thousands (or millions) on an awesome but intangible bunch of pixels, you can rest assured that your purchase is actually improving the world right now. Half of the funds raised will be donated to marine conservation group Sea Change Project.

Exterior side view of 3deluxue's NFT Superyacht VY.01 at sunset

“The Super Yacht VY.01 aestheticizes the idea of a technologically advanced, climate-neutral luxury toy that, unlike in the past, suddenly makes some sense, namely conveys a positive message, and is socially engaged,” the SuperWorld platform says. “VY.01 is an ambassador of a new, highly committed philanthropic spirit of our time.”