Weather keeping you indoors? If you’re a biker who’s frustrated by the winter elements, fear not: the Xstrada Ultra Fat Bike has you covered. The bike’s chunky 7.5-inch tires will give you the grip you need in snow, sleet, rain, and everything in between, so you can hurtle down hills and zoom around trails all winter long (and if you like to look ahead, we hear it’s a champion on the beach, too).

The Xstrada comes in three different styles, which is probably why the company seems so confident when it says that every rider will find a model to suit their particular needs and preferences. Order it as a single speed cruiser or as an 11-speed superbike. Feel the need for speed? Or perhaps you’re a delivery biker and need to get hot food from point A to point B in a hurry? “Amp up the power and further your range with our high-torque 52v/35ah (3 kw) electric mid-drive, which can propel you to speeds in excess of 40 mph with a 35-plus-mile range,” the company says.

XStrada Ultra Fat Bike XStrada Ultra Fat Bike

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The XStrada designers tested and prototyped many different frame styles before deciding on an inverted suspension fork. “Our Nitrogen-charged fork contains a titanium spring/MCU polymer stack, CNC machined crowns, fully adjustable pre-load/dampening and rebound, through axle, and 7.5-inch travel,” they explain. That translates to a comfortable ride that handles bumps of all sizes and tight turns with smooth and steady traction.

The frame is made with 7000 series double-butted alloy tubing (an aerospace staple), and it certainly hits the sweet spot between durability and weight considerations.

XStrada Ultra Fat Bike

If you currently ride a traditional mountain bike, you know that challenging terrain can be just too much for it too handle sometimes. The XStrada was designed to take over in those exact situations, when its ground-hugging super-wide tires and lightweight alloy wheel set come fully into their own. You get a lot more traction without having to pay for it in extra weight.

So just how much do these bikes weigh? The standard XS1 clocks in at 27 pounds, while the XS11 weighs 32. Of course, when you add electric power to it, the weight goes up, but it’s offset by…that same electric power! The E-XS1 hits 53 pounds on the scales, while the E-XS11 weighs 57.

XStrada Ultra Fat Bike XStrada Ultra Fat Bike

The electric models are powered by a rechargeable battery pack equipped with Samsung lithium cells. Since you’ll be riding the bike in ridiculous types of weather, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s protected by a weatherproof casing. There’s an easy charging port on board, too, and you can boost the power output as you ride using “Pedal Assist” mode.

The electric option works with both the single and 11-speed styles, and if you’re not sure about investing in that extra power right now, it’s no problem: you can always order it later and be guaranteed that it’ll fit your frame.

You can track your speed and miles via the color LCD computer on the XStrada’s GPS throttle unit. This device also controls the master power switch, pedal assistance, and “Throttle” mode. And don’t worry about someone zooming off with your ride — each XStrada throttle comes with a master key.