Wrong Chairs Windsors Reimagined 1

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The Windsor chair is an iconic classic, instantly recognizable for its saddle-shaped seat and pole-lathed, round-tenoned construction. But these versions, even the milder ones, seem a little… off. That’s because designer Norman Kelley deconstructed the chair’s traditional elements to create odd new shapes.

Wrong Chairs Windsors Reimagined 2

Each of the seven ‘Wrong Chairs’ still evoke the original but with innovative and sometimes strange configurations. Some seem to have been cut apart and re-assembled backwards or upside-down, with pieces of the chair backs adding to the leg height instead, or uncapped poles rising from the seat like spikes.

Wrong Chair Windsors Reimagined 3

Others have new elements added, like an additional chair seat that serves as an ergonomic desktop. The designs are asymmetrical, sometimes looking like someone attempted to assemble them without instructions or any idea of what the chair was supposed to look like.

Wrong Chair Windsors Reimagined 4

But all seven designs are actually functional, offering a comfortable place to sit that’s more visually interesting than the average chair.