World's Lightest Wooden Table
Ultralight furniture is useful beyond backpacking trips, making its way into homes as well. A unique corrugated plywood construction makes this timber table incredibly lightweight at just 9 kilograms (19 pounds), yet 200% stronger than solid spruce wood. ‘Ripple’ by designer Benjamin Hubert and Canadian manufacturer Corelam is made of birch aircraft plywood, using 70%-80% less material than a standard timber table.
The table is light enough to easily pick up and move around, with an incredibly slim profile, which saves a lot of resources not only in manufacturing but in shipping, as well. But despite its seeming fragility, the table can support a surprising amount of weight. It’s made by sandwiching layers of plywood together in a corrugating machine.
Ripple Table by Benjamin Hubert
Table made of corrugated plywood
“Benjamin Hubert has designed the world’s lightest timber table as part of an internal studio research project into lightweight constructions. The table measures 2.5 meters long, 1 meter wide, and weighs just 9 kilograms. Made using 70-80% less material than a standard timber table, Ripple can be assembled and maneuvered by a single person.”
“The table’s impressive strength to weight ratio is enabled by an innovative production process of corrugating plywood for furniture through pressure lamination, which was developed by Benjamin Hubert with Canadian manufacturer Corelam. Ripple is made entirely from 3 ply 0.8mm birch aircraft plywood, a timber sourced only in Canada, where the table is manufactured.”
“The material is the same as that used in construction of the Hughes H-4 Hercules – popularly known as the “Spruce Goose” – the world’s largest all timber airplane. The strength of the material in combination with the unique lamination process means the edge of Ripple measures just 3.5mm. Ripple is minimal in its design language, employing a simple knockdown construction. The top surface is corrugated plywood overlaid by a flat sheet, and the A-frame legs are a sandwich construction of two corrugated plywood layers.”
Lightweight membrane chair
Ultralight modern chair

Benjamin Hubert is also responsible for ‘Membrane,’ an ultralight chair made of a stretched 3D woven textile mesh over a lightweight steel and aluminum framework, weighing in at just 3 kilograms.
“We deliver technically demanding solutions that respond meaningfully to human behavioural trends. Membrane is a highly engineered, ultra-lightweight chair that resonates with the flexible needs of the home of the future. Informed by qualitative research into the sports industry, we created a visually iconic yet sustainable addition to ClassiCon’s portfolio.”