rocking wood chair design

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There is no such thing as a free lunch as they say, just like free energy is a myth to anyone who knows basic physics – potential or kinetic, it all has to come from somewhere. While pressure-powered under-road panels and wind-up batteries have been criticized for wasting energy in various ways, it is hard to dispute the simple efficiency of this eco-friendly power-generating rocking chair design.

rocking chair concept

This is green energy generation at its finest, using our ordinary activities and turning them into a tangible source of stored power we can see. The resulting furniture design is not meant to merely reduce energy bills but to create a sense of active engagement and show the rocker visible rewards (in this case quite directly in the form of light) for our participatory environmental actions.

rocking chair idea

From furniture designer Rochus Jacob: “An abstract process becomes tangible and eventually cultivates natural awareness. Complexity is covered by simplicity. Advanced nano-dynamo technology is built into the skids of the chair and more efficient light sources – such as the newly developed OLED generation – make it possible to build a rocking chair with a reading lamp running on electricity generated from the rocking motion. The construction of the flat and bendable organic light emitting diodes allows new form factors such as using the traditional shape of a lamp but instead of having a light bulb the lampshade himself turns out to be the light source.”