tree-free wood block note pad

Okay, so this memo pad by Appree technically isn’t tree-free, considering it is made of paper, after all. But each of its sheets looks so much like a thin veneer slice of red pine, you’ll be fooled. They look like they were just cut right off a plank, reminding you of where they can from with every note.

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tree-free wood block note pad stack

The outer piece of the memo pad is a thick trapezoidal holder that houses the individual small sheets of paper. They easily slide out one at a time through a small opening in the exterior case.

The paper sheets are thick to simulate the feeling of writing on real pieces of wood. The vellum material is uncoated and a little rough to add to the illusion. The pad might even urge you to use less paper as it reminds you of its tree origin every time you use it.

tree-free wood block note pad sheets

“When you leave a few words with the person next to you, instead of digital note written with your computer, you can pass your warm heart with handwriting memo.  You can put this memo pad on your desk and use it anytime freely, when you write down the schedule for today and take a simple message. The first product of Wood piece series whose motive comes from pattern of woods. This is the Pocket memo, feeling the texture of the wood seemed like just had been chopped from the Red pine tree.”

tree-free wood block note pad patterned paper

About the designer, Appree:

“When I was a little boy, there were always plenty of flowers, sands and plants in my yard which made me feel like I am living with nature. I spent much times in the yard and it was like big play ground for me.  The nature in the yard was good enough to inspire a little boy with not just beautiful or mysterious of living, but a boy’s dream and hope. However, over time, people spending most of their times in the office working like a robot on concrete floor with no emotional which is completely different environment we used to love.  People seem to be getting increasingly prosaic made me reminisces about my past.  Now I like to share my precious memories with people who desire to be free from their present reality of dull ordinariness.”