Peter Marigold was educated in product design, art and sculpture – and it shows in these strangely compelling curvilinear wood bookcase systems. Each set of bookshelves is of course completely unique, created from found twigs and remnant boxes and packing materials.
The conscious decision to extend the component wood sticks above the height of the shelves themselves accentuates their sense of movement – they seem to be still growing beyond the main structures. In some cases, small offshoot branches are clipped away from the core and still show in the finished products.

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While the bookcase designs seem rustic and recycled there is also a sense that they would fit alongside contemporary art in a gallery just as well as they would as pieces of remote cabin. All in all they are also a very sustainable design, requiring relatively little material work on top of the found objects of which they are made – and there is a strange elegance to the recycled boxes forming the shelves.