buoy sitting bad for health

Your ideal office chair probably looks nothing like this weird little drum. But beyond conventional ergonomics, many office dwellers are beginning to realize that a good seat can be slimmer, sleeker, cheaper and promote more activity than a traditional Aeron or its executive equivalent.

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More affordable than the Swopper and more stylish than a fitness ball on casters, the Buoy chair from Turnstone (manufactured by Steelcase) is a dynamic seat that encourages (and rewards) playful interaction. Sitting down in it one can sit still but feels compelled to twist and turn, and “Research shows that physical movement can benefit memory retention and learning; and small movements done frequently throughout the day can burn as many calories as going for a 20-minute run.”

buoy chair health sitting
buoy chair in the office

Aside from its lightweight construction (just 20 pounds), this balancing stool is also easy to grab and move thanks to handles built into the sides, and the height is adjustable as well. And if its weight makes it feel fragile, forget it: these things get set out, used and abused at conferences, science museums and other high-traffic areas and events.

buoy chair in red

Here’s some more info about why “active sitting” is important when you’re stuck in an office all day.

“People don’t always sit still. They move. They adjust. They wobble, spin and tilt and so does buoy! It’s a healthy seat for active sitting. And it’s light, so it goes where you go. Need to have a quick meeting with your team? Pull up a buoy. This is seating that bucks the trend of sedentary lifestyles and work styles. It fosters wellness by encouraging motion.. Buoy is about a new way of interacting. It’s for collaborators. For friends who gather to chat. For students who work together over computers and books.”

buoy active sitting task chair

“Ride the waves of creativity with a seat that’s as active as you are. Buoy wobbles and tilts to keep your core engaged and promote good posture. With pneumatic height adjustability, Buoy fits to you for a truly moving experience.”