A seat that loops over the head of the sitter provides a sense of enclosure and privacy in busy public environments like airports and hotel lobbies, or simply reduces distractions at home. ‘Windowseat Lounge’ by San Francisco design studio Mike & Maaike simply extends three ‘walls’ to create a room within a room.

Incorporating these architectural elements makes it easier for the sitter to shut out the hustle and bustle of the room just beyond their safe little refuge. The back is left open so you can easily lean back and peek out, maintaining a connection.

This unusual chair design would also fit right into offices with open plans, where it’s easy to feel very exposed. Closing yourself off in a private space to think or make a phone call is as easy as sitting down. The walls of the Windowseat Lounge muffle ambient noise.

Made of a steel frame upholstered in wool, Windowseat Lounge is available in four colors from the Haworth Collection.