Atmos room in a room

Located in a London apartment, this gorgeous staircase designed by Atmos gives the impression of a living, growing tree in the midst of a living space. Beginning on the floor, the tree-like structure grows up and out, spreading its limbs in multiple directions to carry the residents to a higher level.

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Atmos curvred stair design

CNC-cut layers of wood wrap around a pole at the bottom of the staircase, creating the first few steps which wrap around to provide a small shelving area.

Atmos carved wooden stairs

As the staircase continues to rise, the front edges of each stair extend to join with the railing. This organic structure resembles a tree’s branches extending from the trunk, with the branches or perhaps the leaves forming the stairs.

Atmos top of stairs

The staircase’s supports are minimalist and blend in perfectly with the surroundings, making the stairs appear almost to float in place. The winding stairs are reminiscent of a magical woodland scene in which a set of enchanting stairs leads to something fantastically unexpected.

Atmos beautiful custom stairs
Atmos sculptural stairs

About Atmos:

“Whatever the scale, we design memorable experiences; we create immersive, stirring spaces and things, landscapes and moments, that all merge meaning and sensuality.
We balance big ideas with an intimate attention to detail. We create works that reward attention and close inspection, yet abide in the longer-term memory and tackle the bigger picture.
We work 4-dimensionally, maximising the potential of any project in both space and time, choreographing users and viewers on multi-sensory journeys through radically new environments.
Our work is culturally informed, technically innovative, digital yet physical, multi-sensorial, human-scaled – and always aimed at enhancing pleasure.”

“Our core architectural work has centred on innovative residential designs, creating articulated, organic and sculptural spaces, often incorporating cutting-edge digital technologies, always conjuring magic from constraints and limitations. We work with all budgets, big or small.”

“Our core artistic work has centred on a mixture of lighting, interactivity and data visualisation, offering legible and generative experiences, and enabling users the chance to create extraordinary environments.
We combine media and disciplines, crossing boundaries to explore new territories.”