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Four legs leading up to a connective body – it is not hard to see how a table references other living creatures found in nature, particularly in this playful series of weird, wild and wonderful one-off furniture designs.

It should come as little surprise that the designer of this sequence, Toot Chen, is not just a furniture maker, but also a stop-motion animator and graphic artist. His other works share a similarly sly and humorous approach to everyday household subject matter.

In this particular project, he explores the relationship of “interaction, motion & posture” in the form of four-legged tables with bent knees, loping, leaning, sitting and sprawling through various frame-breaking scenes.

Some snake-like lamps are added to the mix as well, in addition to a number of experimental mini-monsters either sketched out with pencil on paper or mocked up using available scrap materials.

The staging shows all steps, including final products but also conceptual and sculptural prototypes and other small-scale variants, like those prototypical models you might find during the dry-run drafting phase of a short stop-motion movie production.