“It is no longer enough to design spaces,” says Yuna Megre, founder of Megre Interiors. “We have to design experiences, environments, emotions.” One look at Megre’s incredible portfolio of restaurant and hotel interiors, and you can see that she’s dead serious about this philosophy. Based in Moscow and Los Angeles, her firm has produced a global array of unforgettable spaces that set unique moods and capture the essence of each brand.

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Among the most recent is GATHER, an immersive experience at the 2019 Sleep&Eat event in London. Providing a home for the VIPs of the show and for press meetings, the room is designed around a large-scale light installation surrounded by circular seating. A floral print designed expressly for the space covers nearly every surface, from the floor to the curtains. This design won an honorable mention in the iDesign Awards.

At SIXTY, one of the highest restaurants in Europe, a forest of birch trees stretches from the floor to the ceilings. Sitting atop the luxury Federation tower, the glass-and-metal restaurant on the 62nd floor boasts 360-degree views of Moscow and a transparent ceiling that’s nearly 40 feet high at its peak. Needless to say, it’s a unique environment made all the more dramatic by a mix of 1950s Japanese and 1960s European design influences.

At the Ritz Carlton Moscow, Megre brings the visuals of Italian tailoring to a conceptual gourmet restaurant called SARTORIA LAMBERTI. At the heart of the restaurant is a glass enclosure filled with sewing machines, bolts of fabric, and mannequins that are actually functional. Each guest receives a handkerchief with their monogram made on demand. Images of dress forms line the walls.

HUMANS is a seafood restaurant in Moscow with a billowing ceiling that aims to create the feeling of being underwater. “As you walk in the door your eyes are immediately drawn to the walls and ceiling with a dark-grey texture mesh that resembles waves,” says the designer. Moss and ferns are set into the walls, and a “river” of blue resin runs through the center of each table.

PPL is another Moscow restaurant located in a fashionable district. Megre explains that “as the designers we aspired to create an uncommon and trendy space that draws versatile people regardless of their occupation, lifestyle, or mindset. With the help of a unique interior full of air and energy, we managed to build up a lively and vibrant atmosphere of a club and restaurant without underrating the comfort and the kitchen.”

At SEIJI, a Japanese restaurant in Moscow run by chef Seiji Kusano, a cloud-like ceiling treatment paired with mirrors makes a small space feel expansive. “The decorative rice-paper ceiling acts like waves or clouds – their rhythm and design sets a new seascape aesthetic,” Megre says.

YUNOST (which means “youth” in Russian) offers high-end Georgian cuisine overlooking the city of St. Petersburg from the fifth and sixth floors of a shopping center. Austere lines and a neutral color scheme balance out eye-catching decorative elements like strands of beads hanging from the ceiling.

It’s impossible to get bored while hanging at out at DON’T TELL MAMA, a venue in Moscow that’s a restaurant by day, and a bar and club by night. Virtually every surface is adorned with quirky sculptural objects, flamboyant animal print textiles, and cloudy mercury glass. The bar alone is covered in 30,000 coins.

We’re certainly excited to see what mouthwatering designs the firm cooks up next.