pulpo loll tables

Some materials have a fascinating property of changing properties when deformed – some become brittle, but others become solid and fixed in place. This fabulous series of sculptural, flexible metal tables and lounge chairs plays on the latter type.

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Imagine laser-cutting metal tables, then (by hand) expanding those flat surfaces to solid three-dimensional furniture objects that not only stay in place but can support plenty of weight as well. The result almost makes you want to test it out like a trampoline (but that’s probably not a great idea.)

e27 loll table

E27 and Pulpo are just getting started, but already their award-winning works in progress are already quite refined – they are elegant, complex, curved pieces that show their origins and physical evolutions. First tables, then coat racks – who knows what is next? The sky may or may not be the limit, depending on how far this metal can stretch!

“The idea of Loll is to transfer the idea of stretching metal from 2D to 3D into furniture solutions. Stretching the laser cut steel sheet up to maximal strain creates a static equilibrium. With this simple but ingenious technique, a metal sheet just 3 mm thick has been turned into a coffee table.”

Loll table from top

“Since the foundation in 2006, Pulpo is famous for its colourful home accessories. The assortment was enlarged with furniture and lamps until today. Pulpo worked together with namely designers and architects of the entire world.”

e27 loll lounge

“The Berlin-based design agency e27 was established by Tim Brauns, Hendrik Gackstatter and Fax Quintus to incorporate different areas of design, including web-, graphic-, corporate and product design into a consolidated design environment.”

“The agency’s three designers tackle new product design with an eye to clever function and simple solutions, creatively integrating feasible solutions into new contexts. Added value lies in the potential of combining the methodical approach of multimedia projects with the development process applied to three-dimensional products.”