Wayfinding tools have evolved dramatically in recent decades – from compasses and physical maps to hand-held GPS gadgets and audio-enabled driving directions. The paradigm might shift drastically once more with this amazing multi-functional, go-anywhere gadget that blends aspects of all of the above designs to light your way.

For starters, this handy little gadget from Designaffairs Studio takes the form and shape of a classic, simple and straightforward wayfinding device: the flashlight – and works as one too if needed in the dark. But it has functions for beyond this basic light-up capacity.

It can flash directional arrows on the road or sidewalk in front of you, project entire maps (complete with You Are Here dots) on walls or other surfaces and scroll, flash, zoom and so forth as needed.

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A twist of the cylinder shifts it between navigational modes, making it the ultimate all-in-one wayfinding gadget for anyone anywhere trying to find anything on foot, by bike or even in a car with scroll-as-you-drive directions. Of course, like so many great design ideas, it is still slightly before its time and (for now) remains a concept – a direction in which these portable devices could (literally) go.