Water bed moat idea

Water beds seem to have gone out of fashion and quickly as they came in. Ever controversial, they probably aren’t popular anymore for a reason. And yet, many of us still cling to the idea is something cool, unusual and unique. While traditional beds filled with water might not be as functional or comfortable as we had hoped, designers are still experimenting with the potential combinations of liquid volumes and relaxation objects in the home.

The design pictured above takes the phrase “water bed” in a whole new direction. Instead of filling the mattress with water — a potentially risky proposition, as many people have learned over the years when their own water beds popped — this interior sets a platform for a bed on top of an indoor swimming pool. On the one hand, it’s intriguing to imagine slipping out of bed in summertime and right into the water as a refreshing way to wake up. On the other hand,  would your bedding ever be dry? If you’re a sleepwalker, would you drown? We have so many questions.

Weird water bed lounger

Then there’s this weird alternative water bed idea, which is probably not remotely practical in real life unless all of those cushions are made of some kind of highly waterproof material. Instead of lounging on a soft surface, like a normal couch, you’re lounging right in the water of a sort of miniature swimming pool. Ridiculous? Just a little. You probably don’t want this thing in your living room. But under the right conditions, it would be a pretty sweet addition to an outdoor space. Can you imagine laying back against those cushions with a cold drink in your hand, gazing at the stars?

Whatever your opinions may be of actual water beds, let’s all take a moment to thank the designers of the world who come up with wacky proposals like these creative furniture concepts just for fun, because they’re certainly amusing.