If you’re constantly forgetting where you put your keys, umbrella or the bill that needs to go out in the mail today, put them near the last place you’re likely to look before leaving the house: the light switch. Walhub, a simple adaptation of ordinary light switches by San Francisco-based Upwell, adds extra functions that keep essentials all in one place.

Simple and inexpensive, Walhub is available for both rocker and toggle switches. Options range from hooks for a single light switch to double switch plates with both hooks and a ‘keeper’ that can hold mail, eye wear, wallets or other important objects.

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Eliminating the need for extra hooks and shelves on the wall, and reducing clutter on household surfaces, the Walhub can hold up to fifteen pounds. It was designed as a three-part system allowing it to be positioned in a left or right configuration. It can also be expanded with new plug-in parts that add more functionality. Get it at Walhub.com.