Kickstarter allows small organizations to fund innovative projects and makes sure their creations get into consumer hands. While they still earn profits, their main goal is to have a positive impact on society. Thousands of creative products are launched on Kickstarter daily, and one of those products is Vinta’s revolutionary travel bag.
The TYPE II Travel Backpack was first posted to the crowdfunding company’s website on November 20th, 2017. Hoping to raise $55,000 by January 19th, 2018, Vinta was happy to learn that their product’s 774 backers not only hit that target in just four days, but they also surpassed it by a long shot, raising a whopping $179,195 before the campaign closed.
Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack
The TYPE II Backpack was Vinta’s second Kickstarter campaign, so it didn’t exactly come as a surprise when the community proved eager to back it. Photographers were raging over the company’s first release and couldn’t wait for an upgraded version. The Type II Backpack is not only bigger than the S-Series, but it’s also water-resistant thanks to its tightly woven twill body.
Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack
Available in three different styles and colors, Vinta’s new bag is conveniently divided into several padded modules, allowing photographers to carry their gear safely and in a way that meet their individual needs. The first module is called “The Aux.01 Camera Pack” and can hold two camera bodies and five lenses. The flap on this pack also has three separate compartments, facilitating the easy storage of memory cards, USB cables, and other small pieces of equipment. The second is a smaller field pack with waterproof zippers, which can be used to hold charging cords and accessories.
Instead of placing the main zipper on the front of the bag, the company took things a step further by placing it on the back to ensure the full safety of your belongings. Don’t worry — your modules can still be partially accessed from the flap on the front. If the bag’s standardized sections don’t suit your needs, you can always rearrange them by quickly removing the dividers between them, which themselves are magnetically attached. When removed entirely, clothing, books, and luggage can all be easily stored in it. Although this bag is designed for photographers, it can still satisfy the needs of anyone who’s on-the-go a lot. When commuting to and from the office, for instance, a laptop sleeve is ideal. Luckily, the TYPE II features an easy-to-access slot that can fit any 15.6-inch laptop or tablet.
Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack
Aside from the field packs and laptop sleeve, the TYPE II also has a few pockets held down by magnetic latches and straps for all your other necessities. At the very bottom of the backpack, you’ll find a pair of adjustable straps, which are great for holding blankets, shawls, and capes. Above the straps sits a large pocket with two separate pouches. These pouches are meant for the items you’ll need quick access to, such as your passport, phone, and keys. Lastly, the backpack has a compartment for your tripod on its right side. On its left, there’s an expandable pocket to store a water bottle in.
Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack Vinta TYPE II Travel Backpack

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Vinta says of the bag: “Our TYPE II bag is designed for everyday use. It comes with an incredibly convenient and intuitive design that allows the user to switch from travel to photography at a moment’s notice.” Regardless of its having more options for those who work with camera gear, the bag is more than capable of keeping standard luggage safe, too. If that’s something you find important, then this backpack is right for you.
Purchase your own TYPE II backpack for $284 here.