urban camouflage costume

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More and more people are experimenting with the art of urban camouflage – fashionable disguises for blending within even the busiest of cities. While their functionality is limited by location, one could conceivable craft camo clothes for any urban situation.

urban cool camo idea

Some of the images and videos captured by GomDig are incredibly well-blended, the person in the photographs or clips seeming to disappear in plain sight. Other styles are more simple and snarky- such as a duo-tone pants-and-hoodie combination that will not really fool anyone in any built environment.

urban camouflage disguise

Imagine, however, seeing a man standing in the distance and being unsure if he is actually a shelving system or an individual in disguise – or perhaps passing by and only noticing when you reach with absent-minded routine to grab a bag of chips from the box on top.

urban funny camouflage design

While these disguises are more about fun than function, they are perhaps artistic, certainly humorous and at the very least could be used to jostle pedestrians from their comfort zones.