Think you have a small living room space? Hanging from the ceiling (and looking at first like little cobwebs in the corners of the room) these miniature works of interior art/design might make you rethink just how relative a sense of size and scale can be.

Driven in part by the lack of decorating done on most ceilings, artist/designer Ji Lee has decided to turn your world upside-down with these weird little inverted living room and office layouts – fully furnished with plants, lights, rugs, couches, chairs, desks and other contemporary and vintage furniture – hung from above and barely visible at first glance.

Titled ‘Parallel Worlds’ this work suggests that the empty ceiling space above our heads could have a life of its own – perhaps even populated by tiny people that defy our large-person laws of gravity.

Of course there is some humor mixed in with the design, but it is intentional: a response to the lost art of ceiling decoration that faded away with the reductionist tendencies of the Modern Movement.