Ji Lee Parallel Worlds ceiling installation

Think you have a small living room space? Hanging from the ceiling (and looking at first like little cobwebs in the corners of the room) these miniature works of interior art/design might make you rethink just how relative a sense of size and scale can be.

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Driven in part by the lack of decorating done on most ceilings, artist/designer Ji Lee has decided to turn your world upside-down with these weird little inverted living room and office layouts – fully furnished with plants, lights, rugs, couches, chairs, desks and other contemporary and vintage furniture – hung from above and barely visible at first glance.

Ji Lee Parallel Worlds

Titled ‘Parallel Worlds,’ this work suggests that the empty ceiling space above our heads could have a life of its own – perhaps even populated by tiny people that defy our large-person laws of gravity.

Of course there is some humor mixed in with the design, but it is intentional: a response to the lost art of ceiling decoration that faded away with the reductionist tendencies of the Modern Movement.

Ji Lee Parallel Worlds close up

You might not expect a hobby like this from a Google Executive, but it does actually kind of tie into Lee’s work. The internet is kind of like a parallel world of its own, after all.

More info about this project from designer Ji Lee, via Boing Boing:

“People decorate their walls and floors, but most of them overlook their ceilings. It’s such a waste of vast space. So I started to install miniature parallel worlds on the ceilings upon commission. It’s fun to watch the reactions of people who after a while discover the parallel universe. They always smile. I think it makes their mind tickle.”

Ji Lee Parallel Worlds ceiling corner

“I have installed skiing slopes, disaster scenes and art galleries. The theme of the scene is determined by the combination of the commissioner’s interest, architectural elements of the ceiling and Ji Lee’s suggestions.”