modknobs pale blue

The idea is simple and involves upcycling yet the result is dynamic and elegant – door knob designs that recycle old hockey pucks into minimalist hardware that barely betray their origins as sports objects.

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modknobs color range
modknobs puck green

These funky modified door knobs by ModKnobs come with a central axis or an off- center pivot that pierces the pucks to create a combination lever handle and round knob design, then slots into a smooth metal plate matching the round door knob design itself.

modknobs puck pivot gray

Not limited to the typical black, these modified knobs come in all kinds of colors as well. Of course, the already-grip-friendly exterior and rubber throughout make this a natural choice not only for sliding on skate rinks but also for use as a modern interior door knob.

modknobs puck blue

“With ten vibrant colors to choose from, our Puck series is the life of the party. We can even mix + match colors at your request. We use top-of-the-line Baldwin Hardware, available with a lock (privacy set) or without (passage set), and a choice of standard or extended backsets. Modknob sets include everything you need for one complete door installation.”

modknobs wood

If you don’t love the colorful rubber look, there’s a wooden version, too. Available in oak or walnut, these ones obviously aren’t actual pucks, but they retain a similar minimalist look.

“There’s a Puck color for every room, from creamy white, to cool grey, to sunny yellow. We use the Pantone Matching System to develop our colors, so you can be confident you’re picking the perfect color. Made from solid, super durable vulcanized rubber, our Puck knobs are built to last and clean up easily. They have a fun, hand-friendly ‘grippy’ texture and cross-hatch pattern all around the sides.”

“Baldwin’s anti-friction inserts provide quiet closing and reduce strike plate scratches. These lever-strength latches are engineered with heavy-duty springs to complement the solidity of Baldwin Hardware.”