FJF faces

Since his childhood, Paris artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has been fascinated with paper. The sensation of the paper crumpling in his hands and bending to his will inspires him to create new and fascinating forms. As appealing as these faces are, they are made even more so when you know that they were each made from an empty toilet paper roll.

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JFJ cardboard masks toilet tube sculpture

Though he begins with an unimpressive and expressionless tube of cardboard, Jacquet somehow manages to breathe a distinctive personality into each of these small paper masks. The artist then mounts them onto a steel shaft and base to allow them to stand on their own.

JFJ cardboard masks recycled

After squeezing, folding and manipulating the cardboard into these incredibly expressive visages, Jacquet applies a patina and shellac to add to their textural interest. The colors, along with the shadows created by the hills and valleys of cardboard, give even more personality to each miniature face.

JFJ cardboard masks upcycled art

Each of these masks demonstrates a very human emotion that mirrors our own. They are a moving exploration of our own faces and the masks that each of us wears. The technique used by the artist to create these works of art is a proprietary method developed by Jacquet himself.

JFJ cardboard masks

Jacquet offers not only his sculptures for sale, but also his expertise. He teaches classes and gives artistic training to both children and adults who are interested in learning more about expressing themselves through art.

JFJ cardboard masks face

“Parisian plastic sculptor, Junior Fritz Jacquet creates surprising objects that testify to an art of origami mastered at its highest level: masks, plants, statues, paintings and hangings in relief, and many other elements inspired by nature. and everyday. Junior Fritz Jacquet’s approach is inspired by the Continuous Line in painting. Thus, each of his sculptures is made in one piece: from a single sheet of paper.”