Kids who like treehouses see them as fun places where they can hang out with their siblings and friends, away from the tyranny of boring adults. High up above the backyard, nestled in the treetops, it is a kids’ world. A heavenly place where rules and chores do not exist, and only the vagaries of a child’s imagination run the show. Those moments up in the treehouse are all fun and games — which is exactly why it’s the perfect place of respite from the adult gaze.

Of course, adults also need their space of respite. A place to take a break from the numerous stresses of life, no matter what they may be. Yes, they have their man caves, hammocks, pools, hot tubs, porches, balconies, and entertainment rooms, but none of those spaces have the semi-natural allure of a treehouse. With Revolution Precrafted’s latest pavilion, Ellipsicoon, adults finally have a similar experience to the kid zone up above. Built mainly for outdoor retreats (though it could easily be placed in any backyard), the Ellipsicoon combines treehouse and cocoon in an elliptical form. The organic 161 square-foot structure is comprised of of high-density polyethylene and was designed by Ben Van Berkel of UNStudio.

Ellipsicoon Ellipsicoon Ellipsicoon

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“The Ellipsicoon pavilion is a space for the mind, for moments of ephemeral escape, for rumination or for simply being,” siaid van Berkel in a recent interview. “(It) offers a place of temporary disengagement where the practicalities, duties, and interruptions of daily life can momentarily fade and the imagination can take over.” Adults like spaces where they can think with clarity, reflect on decisions, and be more creative. When the home is too hectic or noisy, it’s great to have somewhere to go, while staying at home, where they can have a voluntary time-out.

Those who have seen or studied UNStudio’s widely publicized Möbius House in the Netherlands will find the serpentine visual form of the Ellipsicoon quite familiar. It is a fluid form of both open and closed spaces, light and shade, inside and out. Although it’s not as high up as a treehouse, the Ellipsicoon is still slightly above the ground. Nonetheless, its interiors are sunken, giving the user the feeling of being in a secret hiding place even though they are in full view of those outside.

Ellipsicoon Ellipsicoon

As a sophisticated and beautifully designed structure, the Ellipsicoon is even better than a haphazard treehouse, and maybe even better than a well-built treehouse. You could imagine some kids being jealous of their parents for having such cool digs to lounge in. If they ever started putting Ellipsicoons up in the trees, you can bet that they’d want ones of their own.