Spooky does not quite cover this incredibly curved wooden house in the forest. The so-called “accordion house” is more than just an aesthetic marvel, it is an off-the-grid green building that is solar powered and sustainably designed. Not enough? OK, it also has a piece that accordions out over an adjacent river.
What started out as a stream-side fishing shack could not be built out, according to local regulations, more than a few hundred square feet – hence the strange amorphous design and ability to extend itself. When they are away they can retract the room (on steel rails with ropes and pulleys) and keep within the restrictions placed on them.

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The natural wood exterior will slowly fade to gray and blend even more with the surroundings. Aside from that, its lack of running water, external power or phone lines already makes it seem like a part of nature. All in all, it is an architecturally creative solution that takes into account all kinds of local, regional and global problems.