photo editing awesome tool
The headline above makes a bold claim – but the examples and the video below back it up: this has to be the most incredible tool for easily editing photographs yet created. All you need is a rough sketch a child could draw and the online software does the rest, transforming your simple vision into a finished masterpiece – all on autopilot.
photo editing tool example

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As the video illustrates, each picture is selected by PhotoSketch based on its fit to the forms of the figures, horizon and background established in the quick initial drawing. Of course a veteran (or even an amateur) Photoshop user could replicate these scenes, but the automation is astonishing.
photo editing amazing
Tweak the query slightly and the image might change entirely as these edited photo montages from Gizmodo show. Each photograph is selected and then run through a series of filters to delete and reorganize the background, fine-tune the edges and make the final product shockingly seamless.
photo editing made easy
So, the next time you think to yourself ‘wow, I would really like to create a scene in which a dragon is eating a sports utility vehicle floating in the ocean’ well, you will have the tool to do it in a matter of seconds, with no advanced skill or special knowledge, equipped only with a single simple sketch.