It’s no secret that sitting can be hazardous to your health. Those who work desk jobs might end up sitting for hours on end, day after day, putting them at risk for conditions like heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, poor circulation, and spinal strain. Standing up to work, even just for a little while, can reduce these risks and improve your posture at the same time.

The ultra-portable MOFT Z Sit-Stand Desk

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You don’t have to trade in your existing desk for a new one to make this work. There are lots of options for products that simply add a bit of height to your work surface, so you can switch between standing and sitting with ease. The MOFT Z, a four-in-one convertible laptop desk, is among the most portable of the bunch.

Measuring a mere half an inch thick, the MOFT Z is a magazine sized sit-stand desk device that’s so thin when collapsed, you can easily tote it around in your briefcase. It boasts an origami-inspired one-piece structure that folds out in seconds to offer a desk platform for standing, as well as three angles for sitting mode: 25, 45, and 60 degrees. No tools are needed for set up, either — you just fold or unfold it like a piece of paper.

Three examples of ways you can fold the MOFT Z to create a desk that's best suited to your needs.

There are a lot of benefits to this design. First of all, most people don’t want to stand all day long. You probably stand for a little while, sit down, and repeat. And if you’re using a bulky standing desk accessory or something that requires an assembly process, you’ll find that using it quickly becomes cumbersome, and you usually have to find someplace to stash it afterwards. The MOFT Z is easy to stow in a bag, under a stack of paper, or alongside binders on your desk.

It won’t fold under the weight of heavier laptops, either. The Z-shaped structure of this convertible desk is capable of holding up to 22 pounds, so it’s compatible with just about any laptop you can think of.

This standalone MOFT Z comes in a shade of blue that perfectly complements the desk it's on.

When you're all finished using the MOFT Z, you can easily fold down to the size of a piece of paper and store it in your laptop bag.

The desk’s official crowdfunding page reads: “Sitting all day in the office can be stressful to both your body and mind. A quick switch to standing not only helps you stretch a bit for a relaxing back, but also refreshes your mind with a different angle to see your works. When you are standing, MOFT Z offers a natural height for your palms to rest onto the laptop, and your eyes to look at the screen with no strain or tension.”

“Surely, you would want to sit back after a short break. Does MOFT Z stop working by then? Absolutely not. We also prepared three modes to fit your own working style while sitting. 25 degrees offers natural typing with palms resting on your laptop; 45 degrees offers a write/read/flexible working setup with peripherals, and 65 degrees allows browsing on smaller devices like tablets.”

Young woman quickly whips out her MOFT Z and gets to work standing up.

The designers note that they “didn’t trade thinness for durability. Apart from the rock-steady Z structure and tri-angle bottom support, [they] used fiber glass to ensure the toughness of panels and a maximum of 22-pound weight, the magnetic flap to reinforce the frame, and the PU material to shield all the scratches and heat while keeping everything soft and premium to touch.”

Bonus: you can also use the MOFT Z right on your lap, which is good news for all those folks out there working from home while firmly planted on the couch.

Two people hard at work using the MOFT Z Sit-Stand Desk in two completely different ways.

With a retail price of $69, the MOFT Z is cheaper than similar folding options, and also weighs considerably less at just 31.4 ounces. Back the project now on Kickstarter to receive a folding laptop desk of your own at a discount.