The electric scooter of the future has arrived, and not only is it easy to charge, handle, and store, but its also got a removable battery that doubles as a power bank and portable Bluetooth speaker. On top of all that, it’s undeniably stylish. Manufactured by the Luxembourg-based company of the same name, the UJET debuted at CES 2018 with its eye on modern urbanites seeking a cooler way to get around the city.

Profile of the UJET Electric Scooter set against a white background.

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First thing’s first: check out that silhouette. The UJET’s faceted alloy and carbon fiber bodywork give it a futuristic edge, and its cool spokeless orbital wheels are equipped with single-wall carbon nanotube tires. The scooter weighs just 95 pounds and folds up so it’s easy to take on public transit or throw into your trunk, taking up very little space when stored.

“Our wheel design has been drawing significant attention,” says Hugues Desires, CEO of UJET International. “The spokeless orbital wheel includes a suspension system and larger-diameter lightweight brakes, which offer a smooth ride, and the in-wheel electric motor combines optimized size with [the] powerful performance of 5.44 horsepower and 90 N.m (Newton meter) torque, ensuring great acceleration in any conditions. The first nano-augmented wheel to ever hit the market, UJET’s approach to tire design will make navigating a city landscape easier and safer than ever before.”

Frontal view of a white UJET scooter set against a gray background. The main display of the UJET electric scooter. A profile of a UJET electric scooter with its protable battery pack detached.

But looks are just the beginning. One of the most interesting aspects of the UJET scooter is its connectivity, which gives riders an unprecedented level of control over its operation and maintenance. A smartphone app allows users to lock, unlock, and locate the scooter, as well as activate an alarm and disable it remotely if it’s stolen. If the scooter is moved without permission, you’ll get a notification and step-by-step directions on how to find it.

An array of 20 digital sensors monitors the scooter’s diagnostics, including battery level, mileage, and the amount of carbon emissions saved versus driving a car the same distance. The UJET’s voice-controlled app also enables the rider to stream music, place calls, navigate, and even record video using a front-facing HD camera.

A folded up UJET electric scooter.

The scooter features two swappable battery packs in different sizes, with an estimated range between 43 and 93 miles per charge, respectively. Both batteries are about the size of a rolling suitcase, so you can easily tote one or both along whenever you need extra juice. All that’s required to charge the UJET is a standard power outlet; the charging cable stores conveniently inside the seat.

The scooter’s official website reads: “Technology lies at the heart of our vision to pioneer the future of urban mobility. Smart connectivity, precise engineering, leading electronics, and advanced composite materials come together to make our dream of futuristic mobility a reality. Technology can be beautiful. Form and function meet to create an amazing machine. We believe that beauty lies in union of practicality and design. We believe in freedom of movement and expression. We innovate to enable city lovers to move anywhere and anytime, always in style.”

Close-up of the UJET's seat, with a charging cable coming out the bottom. Two UJET electric scooters set against a white background.

“The UJET is our answer to the need for a high-tech and stylish urban mobility solution. With today’s and tomorrow’s issues in mind, we created a futuristic solution that works seamlessly within the existing infrastructure and fits any lifestyle.”

The UJET is expected to hit the US market by the end of 2018, with a price tag starting at $8,900.