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Nothing says ‘scrap heap’ quite like a used set of car seats or a worn-out refrigerator. Add them together and you have vintage trash times two … or, perhaps, a completely new kind of recycled sofa?

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fridgecouch refrigerator and trash can on curb

The FridgeCouch series is more complex, thoughtful and thoroughly detailed than any initial description could hope to capture. The designs are not just the sums of their parts – each combination shows subtle decision-making and an attention to craft.

The No Frost model features dark walnut trim with a harvest gold-painted metal body … with a black seat to add a further touch of refined (if retro) elegance. Note that it is also equipped for stereo (as well as plugin-in portable device) sound.

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Pecan oak, electric orange and navy blue make for complimentary colors spectrum-wise, but a total furniture piece that does anything but blend. Extras in this Dual-Temp model include a fold-down center armrest (a built-in feature of the original car seat) and added side shelves (taken from the inside of the refrigerator).

fridgecouch detail

Mahogany, avocado green and cherry red … odd does not begin to cover it, but somehow it seems to work. Aside from the boldly antique tones, the clever design detail that stands out the most in this case is the freezer door, held up by its hinged in a fixed position along one side (as in the No Frost model). Dark wood accents provide a bit more flavor without detracting from the bold colors of the whole composition.

Here’s some backstory from South Coast Today:

“In 2006, Adrian Johnson was determined to build a couch for his outdoor wedding reception. A place where people could socialize and drink wine, he thought. So the architect from Marion hit the local scrap yards.”

“’I was at a scrap yard in Freetown, and I saw this really nice BMW seat, the most beautiful cherry red interior,’ says Johnson. ‘Although the front seats of cars are typically worn out, the back seats are almost new. That intrigued me.'”

fridgecouch with cowhide

“Now, he just needed something to put that brand new cherry red BMW seat in. ‘I went to a dump in Mattapoisett and found a green fridge form the 1970s that fit the leather seat exactly, within a half an inch,’ says Johnson, 34.”

“After some metalwork, woodwork, carving, trimming and perfecting, the ‘Fridgecouch,’ ladies and gentlemen, was born. For the last four years, Johnson, an architect at Sullivan O’Connor Architects on Martha’s Vineyard, has spent his spare time making Fridgecouches. He’s had many an offer from interested buyers, but alas, has turned them all down — for now, anyway.”