Are you a Type A personality? Even if the answer is no, you can express yourself via your furniture. Already doing so? We mean literally, in writing, via cubes by innovative German concept Type A Seat.


These cubes can be functional, working as side table, mini coffee table, or seat or merely as decorative or ambiance-enhancing statement piece. Arrange several cubes together as a furniture set, and you can spell…pretty much anything.


Some of Type A Seat’s standard cubes spell HOME, HOPE, STAR, SEXY and SOUL, but for an additional cost, your imagination is the limit.


You can choose from Douglas fir (€740) or oak (€890), synthetic resin (€890) or satinized Acrylic glass, lit via LED module (€1,490) or a dimmable light bulb (€1,090). The cubes features a letter, number or punctuation mark on each of its four sides and measure 40x40x40 cm (15.7×15.7×15.7 inches).




The cubes are produced in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, working with local talent, but can be shipped to the U.S. More info at type-a-seat.com.