roll and mix pizza making tool

Even if you don’t particularly like cooking, there is something fun and satisfying about making your own pizza. The Roll & Mix from designer Marcial Ahsayane makes the process even more fun by putting three of the most common pizza-making tools together.

roll & mix

The Roll & Mix consists of two parts that screw together to form a rolling pin. One of the parts is an oil bottle that holds the olive oil used to make the crust.

oil bottle pestle rolling pin combination

The other half is a pestle, used for grinding herbs and kneading dough. When separated, the two pieces look like two modern white bottles of the type that you might see adorning a shelf as decoration.

two-piece pizza making tool

The two halves come together as a rolling pin to roll out the dough after it has been prepared. The joint between the two halves is made of threaded metal for strength and ease of use.