If you are an eco-minded person, the joy of drinking wine is effectively cancelled out when you look at the pile of wasted bottles that are left over. Barcelona-based studio Lucirmás has come up with an innovative way to upcycle empty wine bottles with no waste.

The Pure-Bottle is a three-part set of objects made from a single wine bottle. With two strategic cuts, one bottle becomes a spoon, a lantern and a drinking glass.

The glass is sandblasted to remove any sharp edges, leaving surprisingly elegant objects that would be equally at home in a four-star restaurant or at your breakfast table.

Enterprising DIYers with the right equipment could easily replicate these objects at home. Glass cutting tools and fine-grit sandpaper, along with plenty of safety gear and the appropriate training with those tools, are all that is needed to make something useful and entirely wonderful out of your discarded wine bottles.