Wanmock jack russell dog

We can spend exorbitant amounts of money on furniture and toys for our pets, but when it comes down to it, they tend to prefer cardboard boxes and baskets full of our dirty laundry. That’s what makes this flat pack dog hammock so brilliant. Just pop out the pieces, snap them together and wrap the whole thing in a t-shirt or sweater.

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Wanmock hammock kit

‘Wanmock’ was designed by Torafu Architects as part of the Architecture for Dogs project, a collection of dog furnishings created  by some of the world’s top designers and architects. Each individual item was designed for a specific breed of dog.

Wanmock t-shirt hammock for dogs

In this case, Torafu architects examined what is most comforting to a Jack Russell Terrier – the smell of its owner – to come up with their idea. The hammock is the ideal height for the dog’s owner to reach over and interact with his or her pet from a chair or stool.

The title, ‘wanmock,’ combines the word hammock with the word ‘wan,’ which is the Japanese onomatopoeic word for the bark of a dog.

“A breed-specific architectural structure designed by world-class Japanese firm Torafu Architects. In Japanese, a dog says, “wan,” the name “Wanmock” combines the woof sound with the piece’s hammock style. The Wanmock was specifically designed for a dog 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder and 14-18 pounds. Stretch an old T-shirt or sweater over it, the smell and feeling of the fabric will set your dog at ease. Creates a feel-good relationship between humans and dogs! Easy to carry and ready to assemble.”

Wanmock dog hammock in use

“The Jack Russell Terrier, once a hunter dog, has been bred to adopt a gentle nature. Looking more closely at this dog, which partners well with humans, we found its favorite place in its owner’s clothes.The smell of its owner, and the touch of fabric makes the dog feel at ease. Therefore thinking how we can create a special place for the dog, we designed a piece of furniture that incorporates its owner’s clothes. “

“‘Wanmock’ is the perfect height for owners to reach out and touch their dogs easily from sitting on the sofa, bringing them closer to each other. ‘Wanmock’, a piece of architecture for the dog which can be assembled easily, makes the relationship between humans and dogs even more enjoyable. “