Tuberoom portable closet 1

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Rooms-within-rooms can not only provide lots of extra storage and function in open, empty spaces, but also offer a lot more room for customization. Even when built-in closets are available, they can be too small to offer very much in terms of organization. Solutions like the Tuberoom, a freestanding hinged walk-in closet, adapt to both the larger architectural space and the user’s needs.

Tuberoom portable closet 2

Tuberoom was designed by studio Superorganism to be lightweight, portable and adaptable. If it’s not needed as a closet, it could be a private lounge or office space, delineating a small section of the room. The translucent walls keep it from being fully closed-off, even when the hinges are closed into its cylindrical configuration.

Tuberoom portable closet 3

Made of a light pine frame and corrugated vinyl, the structure is easily movable, and can also be built to a shorter height to accommodate lower ceilings. The built-in storage spaces in the interior can easily be changed out to offer varying functions.

Tuberoom Portable Closet 4

Such plug-and-play solutions can help make open-plan studios more livable, though one at this scale might be best for larger lofts.