Tuberoom How to Add a Closet in Minutes

Rooms-within-rooms can not only provide lots of extra storage and function in open, empty spaces, but also offer a lot more room for customization. Even when built-in closets are available, they can be too small to offer very much in terms of organization. Solutions like the Tuberoom, a freestanding hinged walk-in closet, adapt to both the larger architectural space and the user’s needs. Forget hiring a contractor – this design makes it possible to add a closet in a matter of minutes.

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Tuberoom was designed by studio Superorganism to be lightweight, portable and adaptable. If it’s not needed as a closet, it could be a private lounge or office space, delineating a small section of the room. The translucent walls keep it from being fully closed-off, even when the hinges are closed into its cylindrical configuration.

Tuberoom How to Add a Closet in Minutes transparent portable

Made of a light pine frame and corrugated vinyl, the structure is easily movable, and can also be built to a shorter height to accommodate lower ceilings. The built-in storage spaces in the interior can easily be changed out to offer varying functions.

Such plug-and-play solutions can help make open-plan studios more livable, though one at this scale might be best for larger lofts.

Tuberoom How to Add a Closet in Minutes inside

“As an addition in an industrial loft, a tuberoom which delineates a use while preserving a flexible open plan, fulfills the functions of architecture while not requiring building permits. In historically sensitive buildings this type of design approach can provide supplemental function quickly, where even simple alterations involve a lengthy wait and a pile of paperwork.”

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About Superorganism

“SUPERORGANISM is a los angeles design/build studio creating projects that range from architectural interventions to furniture and lighting. SUPERORGANISM starts at the beginning with a question: What do you want your space to do? SUPERORGANISM values visual simplicity, intuitive structure and informal materials. SUPERORGANISM is an approach to design and fabrication that reconsider assumptions about the things we interact with everyday to arrive at an integrated design solution. SUPERORGANISM is a process that balances the perceptual and temporal experience of an object’s form and function with it’s ability to communicate concepts and culture. Tom Villa started SUPERORGANISM in 2009.”