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They say there is beauty in simplicity, and comfort in familiarity, but bringing together the tapering cylinder of a standard-shaped floor lamp with the inverted sister-shape of a convenient gargbage can might be more disconcerting than appealing as a design idea. Quoth its creator: “you can learn a lot about someone by looking through their trash.”

Nonetheless, there is something compelling about it – even if its designer Craighton Berman intended it more as a conversation piece that illuminates our wasteful habits than a functional contemporary home furnishing. Whether intentional or not, though, it is a simple way to save space – having one object serve two essential functions for virtually any living room.

There are some drawbacks, however – not least of which is the looming question of how to get the trash back out of the can without breaking a light bulb in the process – let alone getting a bag to fit inside in the first place. Solve those problems, though, and you might have a serious contender for the floors of Ikea in the making.