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Divide and conquer your junk, one day and bag at a time. While not exactly a sustainable long-term solution to waste collection and disposal, it does put pressure on high-use households to keep trash to a minimum.

The calender by Yurko Gutsulyak is divided into twelves rolls of 28, 30 or 31 rolls to fit each month, then subdivided into four sets to match the seasons, each with printed dates to keep track.

A real test of self-evaluation: one could keep each set, tightly enclosed of course, or at least measure each day’s bag before discarding it (weight and/or size) to track the ebbs and flows of domestic garbage production. For critics who call it materially wasteful, well, perhaps it is – but if you look how little material actually goes into it, you can imagine how easy it would be to learn enough about and adjust your habits to offset it.