Reusing what you already have is such an important part of living a sustainable life. SNAP is a creative assembly system that lets you make furniture out of anything lying around your house that happens to have a flat edge. You can make a table out of that old mirror or an elevated shelf out of a milk crate without drilling any holes or dealing with hardware.
SNAP consists of steel clips that look a bit like giant paperclips. They attach easily to flat edges of objects like boxes, shelves, spare pieces of wood, or even old dartboards or bicycle wheels. The designers, Maria Roca and Erika Biarnes, wanted to create a functional, simple, and strong system that would let your furniture evolve along with your style.

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Four legs can support just over 150 pounds as long as the tabletop is strong enough to support that much weight as well. The process to create a piece of furniture is refreshingly simple: just slip the clip over the flat surface, then pull on the cable to tighten and secure the clamp. Multiple clamps don’t have to be placed in traditional configurations like one at each corner; as long as you can make the finished furniture object stand up straight, you can place the clips wherever you please.
Unlike conventional furniture, the pieces you make with SNAP won’t leave you stuck with dated furniture. When you get tired of something, just take the clamps off and attach them to a different surface. Detaching the SNAP clamps is just as simple as attaching them. When you move to a larger or smaller space and find your furniture needs have changed, SNAP lets you create custom furniture that is exactly the size you need and right in line with your personal style.