For all the talk of a terrible housing market, some people still (have to) pay a great deal for even a small residence. Next time someone complains about cramped accommodations that feel like living in a car-sized space, introduce them to this house … which sits on a lot that was literally a parking spot (and still cost half of a million dollars to construct).

Looking along it one might not think it was quite so small at first, but this multi-story home for Fuyuhito Moriya tapers to a sharp point on one end resulting in an awkward pie-shaped property which had to house a multi-generational Japanese family.

Every nook and cranny is used to the fullest extent possible, with odd cupboards tucked into any available area leftover along the stairs or in narrow-angeled corner.

Half-sized sinks and giant-sized windows make the most of of limited square footage, bringing in daylight and creating a sense of openness between glass-linked rooms. But above all else: nothing unnecessary is included or added – there are only two tea cups for the whole home.