tiny home made from water tanks

Tiny houses can be built nearly anywhere and with just about anything, even if the builder has no real construction experience. A concept tiny house called Taku-Tanku from Stereotank is big news thanks to its components and to its remarkable portability.

exploded view taku-tanku tiny home

The Taku-Tanku is primarily composed of two repurposed 3,000 liter water tanks. The tanks are connected by a central ring of wood which also serves as the home’s entrance and contains a window and skylight. The entire setup rests on a two-wheeled trailer.

car made of water tanks haul behind bicycle

Because of its small size and extremely light weight, the home can be pulled by one or two people, towed behind a bike, or even towed behind a boat (without the trailer, of course). Cross-country bikers might not welcome the extra weight, no matter how slight, but hauling this home behind them would provide for comfortable digs throughout their journey.

taku-tanku tiny home

This is certainly no luxury tiny home. It’s just about as bare-bones as they get. The interior can accommodate two to three people and has very little space for personal belongings. It is decked out with four solar-powered LED lights and a solar-powered fan, so the interior doesn’t feel entirely like sleeping in a plastic box.


The design was entered in the 2014 Little House Competition, but as of now is still a prototype. Stereotank and designer Takahiro Fukuda say that the home could easily be built with off-the-shelf and repurposed components.

taku-tanku components

The expected cost to build a working prototype is between $8,000 and $10,000 (US). The team is looking for a sponsor to help them build the first Taku-Tanku, and after that, who knows? Maybe we’ll see tiny yellow homes rolling down highways across the world.