Glancing at a clock constantly, whether you are waiting for something or not, only serves to cause stress. Perhaps the way to ease this stress is to hang up a clock that is less about precision and more about visual language.

The About Time clock, designed by Fullbright scholar Louie Rigano, is composed of three overlapping plastic circles. Each circle’s size is equal to the orbit of a traditional clock’s corresponding hands.

The outer-most point of each circle points to the spot that would be represented by a number on a traditional clock, indicating the time by a rather broad space rather than the precise tip of an arrow. Still, one would be hard-pressed to glance at this clock and know for certain what time it is at that moment.

As time passes, the circles all move around and around, constantly creating new shapes and new colors. Replacing stress-inducing numbers and arrows with the lovely fluid visual language of colors, shapes and movement serves to create an entirely new – yet utterly baffling – sort of timepiece.