Doormats keep dirt and moisture from being tracked around your home, and good ones also add a personal touch to your space. Unfortunately, lots of traditional doormats are just short-terms solutions that result in unwanted waste when their owners decide it’s time for a change. The Tile Mat is a multi-functional doormat that offers versatility for your entryway and reduces the number of mats you’ll end up tossing into landfills as the years go by.

The new customizable Tile Mat
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Tile Mat is an idea born from duo Joanna and Johnny (the owners of Letterfolk), who took the basic concept of a letterboard and adapted it to create a mat that could represent the changing of things like seasons or moods. Like standard mats, the Tile Mat has a rubber backing that is both durable and non-skid. The mat is topped with vintage-looking white hexagon tiles, which fit snugly under black tiles (sold separately) to form custom words or images.

Arranging the tiles is as easy as performing the simple push and turn motion that locks them into place. The designers assure that each tile will stay in place whenever you wipe your feet, shake your rug out, or vacuum it. When it becomes dirty, just wash it in a sink with a bit of soapy water. The tiles also come with an accompanying mesh bag, in which they can be washed in the dishwasher.

Promotional images for the new customizable Tile Mat

The mat boasts a universal design that can be used in and outside the home. Put one in front of the kitchen sink or stove, the laundry room, or even the bathroom, where it can be used in front of the sink or as a bath mat. With two different size options, 18” x 30” (standard) and 24” x 36” (large), you can also purchase different mats to meet your needs in different areas.

Hand moves the black tiles around to complete a Tile Mat message

The new customizable Tile Mat

There are virtually endless messages you can lay at your front door with the Tile Mat. “Enter,” “Come In,” “Friends Welcome,” “Happy Birthday,” “Joys of the Season,” and “Grad Party” are just a few classics. But then again, words are just one option. You can also create geometric designs, patterns, or a personalized combination of your last name and your favorite flower. Plus, other tile colors will soon be available in addition to black to further enhance your artwork options.

The soon-to-be available tile colors for the Tile Mat

While the creative aspect of the Tile Mat is fun, the eco-friendly aspect of it is notable, too. After all, it’s pretty careless to toss out a functional doormat just because you tire of the design. This leads to significant unwanted waste. Yes, the Tile Mat will probably replace several mats you normally would have gone through during life changes and seasonal transitions.

Hand moves the black tiles around to complete a Tile Mat message

Person steps out of the shower onto their fun Tile Mat

The Tile Mat recently had a Kickstarter campaign up that closed on the morning of September 13th, 2019. Originally requesting $15,000 to begin production on the mats, over 2,500 backers had pledged over $300,000 at the time writing of this article. It seems that Joanna and Johnny are on to something with their ultra-personalized home decor pieces.