minimal furniture

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Constructed from millimeters-thin sheets of aluminum, each folded only a few times, this bench-and-stool furniture set is at once simple and complex.

minimal folded metal

Sara Mellone‘s process for construction is straightforward and structurally honest – each piece of aluminum is folded exactly as you see it, and there is not cutting, which minimizes difficulty as well as waste.

minimal strong aluminum

At the same time, the visual results are rich thanks to the reflectivity of the constituent material (except in the cases where it is powder-coated) and the variability of the physical outcome.

minimal furniture detail

No two pieces are alike, and each reflects the same kind of whimsy found in subconsciously-folded slips of paper, which was the inspiration for these pieces in the first place. The series is also a great reminder of the power of conceptual simplicity, and how design doesn’t have to look difficult even when it is.