Rustic charm and the incorporation of warm modern amenities seem to be ongoing trends in the design world as of late. Today, we’ll take a look at a beautiful design that blends both of those elements. Corpus Studio recently tackled a project in upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains, designing a cabin-style home with a cozy, luxurious interior. The “Oak Refuge” is a getaway dream home that all nature lovers will be able to appreciate.
Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio
The home was largely built to reflect the surrounding area’s rugged natural beauty, displaying nature-inspired textures and earthy colors all throughout its interiors. Each room is filled with natural sunlight thanks to the home’s large oversized windows, which also provide each resident with a view of the nearby forest.
Every designer knows that the key to a good modern rustic space is an open floor plan. The Oak Refuge, however, takes things a step further by home giving residents the option to either embrace a large public area or get extra comfortable in a more compact one. Made up of five connected units, the cabin boasts large sliding doors, which can either be opened to create a sense of fluidity between rooms or closed to keep them sectioned off from each other. Each room is lined with wide, rough cut boards, which themselves provide a nice contrast to the concrete slabs, blackened steel, and brass framework used throughout the decor.
Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio

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At the heart of the cabin is the living area, in which most of the entertaining and relaxing takes place. This room screams character, with cowhides hanging off of indoor bench cushions, fluffy fabric chairs, nice little wooden touches, and a central textured rug to tie it all together. Of course, the room’s fireplace is its true centerpiece. Described by the designers as a “glorified pit,” it boasts a suspended ceramic smoke canopy that resembles the buttressed trunk of a great forest tree. Overall, the heavy use of wood in the ceilings and the fantastic selection of furnishings serve to compliment the living room perfectly.
Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio
You’ll note a minimalist influence the second you first look at the kitchen. A dark slab of marble has been placed in the center to form an island. Attached to that island is a series of exposed shelves, which itself has been adorned with a few plates and bowls. These gold-stained shelves bring warmth to the room and beautifully juxtapose the black marble. Of course, no room in this house would be complete without a few wooden accessories — which is exactly what makes the kitchen’s stools and cutting boards so perfect.
Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio Oak Refuge - Corpus Studio

The Oak Refuge strikes us as the ideal place to take in some fresh mountain air and unwind in front of a roaring fire. On top of creating a beautiful rustic-modern aesthetic, Corpus Studio has managed to design a home that is truly liveable. It goes without saying that this organically warm space is the ultimate escape from everyday life.