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Traveling can be quite a performance. Airlines charge for luggage, so there’s the challenge of stuffing everything in a carry-on bag—if you can. Security checks make it important to have easy access to passports, boarding passes and other crucial documents. And then there’s the device issue—the laptop has to be coddled for safe traveling, and the phone needs to be available for frantic last-minute checks. Oh, and the tangle of cables and chargers must be wrangled! Phew. You need another vacation after all of that!
Or maybe the Nomatic Travel Bag can ease your pain. That’s the hope of the design team behind what they dub “the world’s most functional travel bag.”
Nomatic bag features
The best elements of a backpack, duffel bag, and carry-on luggage come together to create this multi-functional carryall. “We designed the Nomatic Travel Bag for people wanting only a single bag for trips of up to seven days that would also meet all airline carry-on size requirements,” the designers say, “but it also has a roller-bag handle sleeve so travelers can place it upon other luggage and effortlessly roll both bags together on longer trips.” The whopping 20 features will make the life of travelers everywhere much, much smoother. You can tell the inventors and designers are experienced jet-setters. If an aspect of luggage has irked you, they’ve tackled it.
First, designers minimized clothing problems. How can you fit in enough clothes for a week without creating too much bulk? The answer: a clever vacuum bag that halves the space they take up. (Now you won’t have to sit on the bag and jump up and down to close it.) And when those clothes have been worn, simply toss them in the separate laundry bag that you can hang on a door knob and zip up to keep dirty and clean separate. There’s also a dedicated shoe compartment that fits two pairs, and a section where you can bundle socks, underwear, T-shirts, swim gear, you name it.
Your technology woes have been taken care of as well. The Nomatic bag features a padded pocket to protect a laptop. The twist? It’s designed so screeners operating the security scanners can see it clearly without making you take it out. Oh, and the flap that secures it has a slot for a charging cable. No more mess!
The team didn’t forget a traveler’s security concerns either. Protect your credit cards and passport from thieves who can scan them by putting them in the bag’s secure RFID pocket. A TSA-approved lock can even be added to protect other valuables stored in this area.
You like pockets? So do the Nomatic designers! They put a fleece-lined pocket at the top of the bag where you can safely stash sunglasses, your phone, extra cash or whatever. Then there are mesh and zipper pockets to corral your extra power cords, chargers, power banks and more. There’s even a waterproof pocket for easy access to a water bottle so you remember to drink en route.
Last but not least, the bag has a clever strap system that lets you switch cleanly from backpack to duffel grip, and a comfortable handle to ease the load when you hand-carry it. The consideration given to travelers with every feature is simply amazing.
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