Coolest cooler with built-in blender

This ain’t your father’s cooler. It is, in fact, the Coolest cooler, and named that for many very good reasons. Let’s start with the built-in blender. (Why not, right?) It is the behemoth of blenders. The Coolest team describe it and its many uses this way:

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“Saying our food grade, built-in, rechargeable blender crushes ice is a bit like saying the Sahara’s on the warm side. It makes oodles (a mathematical term) of perfectly pulverized ice—20 PITCHERS worth—ideal for smoothies, margaritas and any other frozen concoctions your alcoholically skewed mind can think of.”

(Don’t pretend we are the only ones picturing an icy-cold, refreshing Slip ‘N Slide for those muggy summer days….)

If you’re taking the Coolest on a family trip and not a weekend of partying, you can delight the kids and Grandma with smoothies. Icy beverages for all!

Coolest cooler with built-in speaker

The Coolest’s next trick is a detachable speaker that is splash-proof (probably for going down the icy Slip ‘N Slide) and will play music for up to eight hours. And wait: If you run out of power, you can recharge your speaker, or your phone, or whatever using the built-in USB charging port. Nifty.

This cooler will be the star of your nighttime party thanks to the LED light in the lid. Now you can find exactly the label you want without grabbing and returning lots of freezing-cold bottles or cans.

Coolest cooler corkscrew

You will be happy to hear that the Coolest comes with a corkscrew as well as a bottle opener for those frosty brews, and there is a sharp knife and four plates thrown in for good measure.

Coolest cooler secret compartment

But wait! There is more! Yes, there is a secret compartment where you can stash valuables, keys, cash, sunglasses or whatever you want to keep safe and sound. Perhaps cocktail umbrellas?

The Coolest boasts a 44-quart capacity, so you will have plenty of room for drinks and food as well as ice, and the makers assure us that the insulation will keep items frozen for an impressive four to five days. That makes this an essential if you lose power at home after a storm or blizzard–just throw the expensive cheese and meat in this baby, and you will be set till the power company gets you back on the grid.

Coolest cooler prep surface

When you are off on a trip to the beach or a barbecue in the park, you will probably have a blanket, umbrella, volleyball net and other must-haves. Luckily the folks at Coolest have thought of that, too. Their Done in One Tie-Down Bungee Cord lets you lash all your accessories to the cooler so you can get everything to the party in one trip and get down to the business of having fun.

Coolest cooler handle
Coolest cooler wheels

How can you carry so much stuff in just one container? Won’t it be too heavy? Rest easy: “As for the wheels, they’re big, fat and rubberized and there isn’t a sand dune, rut-filled trail or pebble-strewn stadium parking lot that they can’t handle,” the designers assure us.

OK, time to get that party started…